This System For Achieving Personal Goals Is A Game-Ender

Too often, we let ourselves feel overwhelmed by to-do lists and mounting phone reminders. We get caught up in all that we should do or shouldn't do and we pile expectations on top of one another like they're dirty clothes. But, what if we chose the day's single-most important task and made that the main objective? Sure, you can accomplish other chores throughout the day (you probably should), but all that will figure itself out. You focus your energy on that Golden Goal. 


What Has Helped You With Depression And Anxiety?

I took to my Facebook page to ask friends and followers a simple question: What products have helped you with depression and anxiety? The response I got was so extensive that, despite my original intent for the question, I opted to share their answers on Dadding Depressed. There are A LOT of great ideas in…

Don’t Be The Casualty In A Facebook War

There are the constant complainers, the trolls, the overly political, the plain old angry and easily-offended, the people who were simply a part of a different season in life, or that random guy you barely talked to when you worked with him at Arby's for a single day before you double-bird quit. These are the people crowding your feed with negativity and, especially if you don't even know them, something has got to change. You need a break. 

Quick Tip: 10 Minutes Of Fun

“Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead.” - Hans Christian Andersen In 2008, movie-goers shuddered in the haunting echoes of The Dark Knight’s most famous line. With a painted smile and an iconic wardrobe eerily matured, the deranged Joker (Heath Ledger), surged dreadful words into our nightmares. “Why so serious?” Couldn’t such a character be a…