Get Sunny With The Best Of June 2018

Here are the most read Dadding Depressed articles of June 2018. Share your favorite!


Welp, I Did It: How To Shave Your Balls Safely With MANSCAPED

When it comes to bodily maintenance, I was a typical guy, and, we all know, men aren't known for good hygiene. Sure, I'd shower daily, brush my teeth, and gel my hair, but I'd never heard of exfoliation, and I lived simply by the motto: "doesn't show, let it grow." And, boy did I. My wedding night was spent searching for a needle in a haystack.

Saturday! Catch Dadding Depressed At “The Better Man, Better Dad” Conference

I am honored to be a part of two live panels hosted by STAND Magazine at this years' Partnership For Dads conference. It is THIS Saturday, June 9th in Waterford TWP, Michigan. One panel will be addressing men and depression while the other will be discussing the world of blogging.

Your Thought Collection

I’m a collector. Neatly arranged on a bookshelf in my living room is a hardcover book collection. On another shelf? My vinyl records. My favorite collection, however, is the one hardest to organize: my growing compilation of thoughts and ideas. I gather them by thinking, reading, writing, perusing quotes, and sifting through Twitter in search…

Featured Resource: HeadsUpGuys

Guys, pick up your heads from the darkness of depression, and lean into the light of your computer screen. Please, check out Of all the resources I’ve come across for men experiencing mental illness (as a man experiencing mental illness), Canadian-based website, HeadsUpGuys, is an absolute favorite. It is sleek, easy to navigate, relatable,…