Do You Have A Fixed Or A Growth Mindset?

Do you have a fixed or a growth mindset? Let me ask it this way: do you avoid challenges, give up easily, anticipate effort will prove fruitless, ignore criticism, or see others' success as a threat to your own? If so, you might have a bad case of a fixed mindset. Don't worry, though. You're not alone.


What Has Helped You With Depression And Anxiety?

I took to my Facebook page to ask friends and followers a simple question: What products have helped you with depression and anxiety? The response I got was so extensive that, despite my original intent for the question, I opted to share their answers on Dadding Depressed. There are A LOT of great ideas in…

Is Your Husband Depressed? Look For These Signs

Because guys tend to call depression by the names anger, irritability, stress, nights alone, promiscuous sex, pornography, masturbation, one-more-drink, most mislabel the deeper issue and, in turn, fashion themselves into ticking timebombs. Words like depression, anxiety, suicide simply aren't in the vocabulary of a macho-man, and internalization is all we know.

You’re Not Perfect And You Don’t Have To Be

Though most men don't wear makeup, we are all masters of disguise. We cover up nagging habits and deep insecurities with feigned confidence, or we craft a grin to hide the darkness raging inside. To keep up with the Joneses or to get that promotion or to seem strong for our family, we revert to faking it until we make it because we all know no one likes a cry-baby or a wimp or a wuss or a pansy. So, we man-up, tightening our belts, duct-taping our mouths, and straightening our aching backs as we hesitate to accept a dreadful fate: machoism.

A Look At The Past 200 Posts

The first article I posted on Dadding Depressed was called "The M-E-N In Mental Illness." It was good, but 200 posts later, I look back at it like it's a buck-toothed middle school selfie. June 21, 2017, I wrote "Why The Words Matter More Than The Numbers Ever Could," in which I talked about learning…