Redefining My Day To Give 100 Percent To Things That Matter Most

I feel like I've been giving 20 percent energy to every aspect of my life. I'm a distracted father, a sheepish entrepreneur, I've been reading the same book for six months now, and when I write, I let my fingers do the thinking.


“Will This Movie Make My Wife Cry?”

I have a vivid memory of sitting at her parents' house and watching a Johnny Depp shoot-em-up movie. We were dating at the time. While the screen flickered on our faces like thematic machine guns, she turned to me, perked with enthusiasm, and with red sauce on the corner of her lip, she said those beautiful words that would've made any man fall in love with her. "I love pizza and beer."

Is Your Husband Depressed? Look For These Signs

Because guys tend to call depression by the names anger, irritability, stress, nights alone, promiscuous sex, pornography, masturbation, one-more-drink, most mislabel the deeper issue and, in turn, fashion themselves into ticking timebombs. Words like depression, anxiety, suicide simply aren't in the vocabulary of a macho-man, and internalization is all we know.

My Gift Is Her Given: The Lesson After The Fight

Like all good married couples, our biggest fights are about...well...nothing. They are simply eruptions of hoarded emotions mixed with a moment's feeling of hurt. It's like one of us chases the other deeper and deeper into a forest and then at one point, we both stop, turn around, and ask ourselves, "how did we even get here?"

My Wife Was A Complete Stranger At The Altar

When you first get married, love is shallow. After four years, you figure it all out.  Just kidding.  But, it really does get better and better. At least, that's been our experience. Today, January 31, is the four-year mark of our marriage, and I can honestly say that I love my wife more today than I did last year, the year before that, and before that and so on and so on.