When You Can No Longer Afford Your Mental Illness

It seems depression leads to the need for help, and the cost of help leads to more depression and anxiety. Half the time, I want to give up on the pursuit of professionally-aided mental health, buy myself a six-pack, and revert again to choking down my emotions in the Harry Potter closet under the stairs.


Saturday! Catch Dadding Depressed At “The Better Man, Better Dad” Conference

I am honored to be a part of two live panels hosted by STAND Magazine at this years' Partnership For Dads conference. It is THIS Saturday, June 9th in Waterford TWP, Michigan. One panel will be addressing men and depression while the other will be discussing the world of blogging.

What Has Helped You With Depression And Anxiety?

I took to my Facebook page to ask friends and followers a simple question: What products have helped you with depression and anxiety? The response I got was so extensive that, despite my original intent for the question, I opted to share their answers on Dadding Depressed. There are A LOT of great ideas in…

Is Your Husband Depressed? Look For These Signs

Because guys tend to call depression by the names anger, irritability, stress, nights alone, promiscuous sex, pornography, masturbation, one-more-drink, most mislabel the deeper issue and, in turn, fashion themselves into ticking timebombs. Words like depression, anxiety, suicide simply aren't in the vocabulary of a macho-man, and internalization is all we know.

When You Can No Longer Be Your Kid’s Hero, Be A Dad

As Isaiah rounds his 21st month of life, it's apparent we actually have to watch what we say and do. I am setting the example for my son, and the most valuable lessons in life are caught, not taught. I can instruct him to bite his tongue when an idiot driver is being an idiot, but if I do it and he sees me, my authority and witness are weakened. He'll do what I do; not what I say.