This System For Achieving Personal Goals Is A Game-Ender

Too often, we let ourselves feel overwhelmed by to-do lists and mounting phone reminders. We get caught up in all that we should do or shouldn't do and we pile expectations on top of one another like they're dirty clothes. But, what if we chose the day's single-most important task and made that the main objective? Sure, you can accomplish other chores throughout the day (you probably should), but all that will figure itself out. You focus your energy on that Golden Goal. 


Featured Resource: SuperBetter

SuperBetter (Website, iOS, Android) When 9-year old Girl Scout, Mary Previte was captured from her school in China to be imprisoned at a Japanese run concentration camp, she likely didn’t expect to play many games. Yet thanks to the ingenuity, resilience, and kindness of the teachers who were captured with her, that is exactly what…

How To Develop The Freedom To Fail & Achieve Your Goals

Read full article here! London-based blog and "story magazine," Having Time, has been kind enough to feature a post of mine called How To Develop The Freedom To Fail & Achieve Your Goals. It is a piece of which I am very proud and eager to share with such a fantastic community. Please read it and…