A Stream Of Consciousness At The Mercy Of A Blank White Screen

Every morning--well, almost every morning--I wake up at five. The first thing I do is make coffee. A fifteen-minute ritual.


Don’t Be The Casualty In A Facebook War

There are the constant complainers, the trolls, the overly political, the plain old angry and easily-offended, the people who were simply a part of a different season in life, or that random guy you barely talked to when you worked with him at Arby's for a single day before you double-bird quit. These are the people crowding your feed with negativity and, especially if you don't even know them, something has got to change. You need a break. 

Do You Believe In The Mission Of Dadding Depressed?

In 2016, 7 out of 10 suicides were men. I work tirelessly for those 7 men and now I'm asking you to join me! Facebook is the top referrer to Dadding Depressed. Unfortunately, my boy, Z, changed some things and now it’s more difficult to spread the word on the social media platform. So I’m putting…

3 Ways To Stay Miserable With The Art Of Comparison

So you want to stay miserable, eh? Here are three pieces of vital advice: compare, compare, compare. 1. Compare Your Worst With Facebook’s Best Social Media is a fantastic tool to aid in your quest to misery. And I have news for you: everybody’s life is as perfect as their profile picture. While you have…

Quick Tip: Know The ‘Why’ Of Social Media

“It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who made him.” - Abraham Lincoln Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn each have a specific purpose in benefiting users. The evolution of technology and the cultural rise of social media have opened new and…