How Logan Paul Encouraged Me To Share My Suicide Story

The beginning of the end was that night the moon didn't show. My wife wept on the bed, trembling, chasing images out of her head, dreading the day on which I might take my life. The beginning was years earlier.


The Jackpot Marriage, An App For Couples, And Good Reason To Throw Your Kid

It often feels like my job is to be an internet sponge. I soak up what’s going on in the world and then squeeze it out through Dadding Depressed. As I work throughout the week, I stumble upon many valuable resources that don’t always find a home in a blog post. So, here are a few of my favorite ones that I’ve found lately:

Are You Man Enough?

Throwback Thursday Presents “Are You Man Enough?” A fresh look at true manliness.

dadding depressed

My son is a beast. He came claws first from my wife, digging his nails on the mattress of the delivery bed, and snarling a roar at the nurses. He was born 9lb 1oz, trailed by an amazing six pound placenta that had a mind of its own, and I think got shipped to the circus. After swelling for eight months, he’s now in the clothes of a preteen, and has more rolls than a Cinnabon franchise.

My wife’s family ogled (as they’d never seen a descendent of the BFG before) while my family was concerned he might be unhealthily small. The Mainses are no strangers to giant babies. My mother delivered me at 9lb 11oz as I clawed and roared through a plan B delivery. I was so stocky they thought I’d be a football player, but when I turned two, I started slimming like Stretch Armstrong between a couple of kids…

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How To Conquer When Anxiety Infects A Place

Have you had your anxiety attach itself to a place so much so that you couldn't bring yourself to even go anymore? A friend's house, an old workplace, a dog park, the dentist, or even an entire city--whatever the place is for you, it is covered in dread like a fumigation tent, and anxiety seeps into every crack like poison. If nothing comes to mind, see if this rings a doorbell: