“Be Kind To Yourself” – A Playlist For The Despondent

When in dismal or anxious times, music can be a sound of hope. Here's Dadding Depressed's May Playlist to help you get through this month's darkness.


A Look At The Past 200 Posts

The first article I posted on Dadding Depressed was called "The M-E-N In Mental Illness." It was good, but 200 posts later, I look back at it like it's a buck-toothed middle school selfie. June 21, 2017, I wrote "Why The Words Matter More Than The Numbers Ever Could," in which I talked about learning…

Dadding Depressed Is A Year Old Today!

I've loved writing this blog, and I'm eager to see how Dadding Depressed develops throughout its second year. But, to be honest, while the community, the numbers, and even the people who share their stories with me are awesome, none of that is my goal. There is someone else for whom I write, and I can only hope that Dadding Depressed might reach him.