Ping Pong, Misused Words, And Signs You’re Stressed Or More

It often feels like my job is to be an internet sponge. I soak up what’s going on in the world and then squeeze it out through Dadding Depressed. As I work throughout the week, I stumble upon many valuable resources that don’t always find a home in a blog post. So, here are a few of my favorite ones that I’ve found lately:


How To Love A Loved One When Death And Despair Strike

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma threatened entire communities; children of undocumented immigrants are newly afraid of deportation to a land they don’t remember; and a seventeen-year-old boy from church tragically died after years of praying the cancer would leave his body. Even today marks 16 years since the tragic happenings of September 11, 2001 where nearly 3,000 people were killed.