Old Lovers

Here’s another poem from my personal site.

D. Doug Mains / Freelance Writer

Walking home a lonely man,

I saw old lovers holding hands.

She a queen and he a sage,

Still swung her door in his old age.

I took this in with eager eyes

For love oft’ hides with gray-haired wise.

A gift — a treasure — I’d come across;

A youthful joy for years of loss,

Refreshing light from a world unknown,

And a fruitful harvest from seeds well sown.

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When Anxiety Greets You In The Morning

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a poem that I wrote and published on my personal blog. Give it a read!

D. Doug Mains / Freelance Writer

When anxiety greets you in the morning

And plagues your waking minute with its chill;

When it rules o’er you in daytime

Scratching every worry with its quill;

When it dines with you at dinner

And ensures you lack your fill;

Breathe deep.

And when it whispers lies of lacking

To argue gift and every skill;

When it threatens tales of doom to follow

Any action, want, or will;

When it thrusts you into madness

Then reels your soul with fleeting thrill;

Breathe deep.

When it makes a mountain in your head

Out of a petty hill;

When it pledges to not ever leave you

And you fear it never will;

When in the reins of anxiety

You’ll know not freedom ’til





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Yes, Dads, Your Baby Is A Human

Here’s one of the first pieces I wrote for Dadding Depressed, and it contains a solid reminder as we enter into the holiday season.

dadding depressed

If dadding were a college, I’d be the freshest freshman; the wide-eyed, panicked kid dropped off at the curb wondering if I should race back home or not. And like most college freshmen, I am awkward, lost, oblivious, and always unsure what exactly is driving me to drink (just kidding…but maybe not).

When my eight-month-old son cries in public, I shrink in awkwardness while darting my cringing face back and forth to see who’s judging me. When my wife is asking me to grab the Boopy or the Boppy or the whatever-baby-contraption-that-people-tell-us-we-absolutely-need-to-successfully-raise-a-child, I’m lost. And when it comes to raising a baby that will someday be a child and then a teenager and then a man, I feel pretty oblivious…and that’s when I grab a beer (just kidding…but maybe not).


Sitting in the delivery room at the hospital, holding my screaming wife’s hand, and before the angels…

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