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You may have noticed I changed my tagline. Well, I tweaked it. When I started Dadding Depressed (almost a year ago!), the tagline was "a match for men in the dark." Now, (don't worry--I'm keeping that clever bit) it is "a story, a community, a match for men in the dark." Why the change? I…


4 Life Lessons From My Death In The Gym

My wife complains of my boney knees and fatless elbows that jab her like she's a lab rat. With such affirmations as my confidence (note the sarcasm), I sauntered into the gym like Goofy with arms and legs longer and more out of control than a Wacky Waving Tube Man at the Chevrolet dealership. When I bumbled…

How To Find What You’re Looking For In A Pornography Search

For a lot of guys, the challenges and responsibilities of life, let alone the addition of being a dad, lead us to want an escape. While this will vary from man to man, for many the escape desired is sexual. For some it’s pornography, for others it’s fantasizing about being married to a different woman or about being single and promiscuous, and for some, they take action and cement these fantasies into reality.

I Wrote A Song About Suicide: Here’s Why And How You Can See The Video

At first, he was a missing person. They always are.  Days later, they found his body in a patch of woods near my sister's house. I don't know how he did it. To be honest, I didn't know him, but any news of a suicide simultaneously churns my stomach and greases my mind. One so close to home? Well, that hit home. 


Here is another poem from my personal site…one of my personal favorites. Does it inspire any thought?

D. Doug Mains / Freelance Writer

In my head I trusted;

Gave faith to reasoning.

For worlds of thought I lusted

And made the mind a king.

But, gaunt mind, learn to let

Wild faith trot his course

And cherish in that union met

Like bond ‘tween man and horse.

Desperate for desire,

And pleasure’s eye–my aim,

I fed a king of fire

And hungered for his flame.

But wildfire burning

There is good in his control,

To not be ash with yearning

But let refine the soul.

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Why The Words Matter More Than The Numbers Ever Could

Reblogging this one from the archives because I need the reminder.

dadding depressed

(This was originally posted exclusively for those on the emailing list.)

When I first started Dadding Depressed, I was encouraged by readers’ excitement. The topic seemed to resonate with people, and many expressed their interest in joining the dialogue of mental illness in men, grateful I created the platform. I raked in clicks, visits, and views like it was a Fall Christmas, and the trees were extra generous this year. People reached out to me personally while others commented on social media thanking me for my boldness and insight. It was fulfilling to be back in starving artist mode, and I was proud to be the creator of something to which others responded positively. I knew I was doing something valuable.

Then, Mother’s Day came charging in like a leaf blower. I don’t know what it was, but my website-hit numbers dropped dramatically, and I was caught playing…

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