The External Pondering Of An Internal-Processing Man

The manner in which I process the world is firstly internal. Something happens, whether good or bad, and I send it through a thirty-organ process before I am able to physically respond. Often, I don’t even realize my body is computing an emotional response until it blurts out in word vomit on someone else’s shocked face or I’m caught in an inexplicable bout of darkness with nubby fingers and bitten nails stuck in my teeth.

What I Learned About Mental Health From Failing My DIY Project

Uncleaned tools and sprawled 2x4s taunt me in my basement, and a sense of defeat weighs upon my soul. But if there is anything good about having a blog geared toward men with mental illness, it is that the maintaining of Dadding Depressed offers the opportunity to reflect on situations and explore how they might relate to the everyday struggle of the mentally ill.

How To Love A Loved One When Death And Despair Strike

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma threatened entire communities; children of undocumented immigrants are newly afraid of deportation to a land they don’t remember; and a seventeen-year-old boy from church tragically died after years of praying the cancer would leave his body. Even today marks 16 years since the tragic happenings of September 11, 2001 where nearly 3,000 people were killed.