Delete Social Media Accounts, A 31 Day Challenge, And Talking About Sex Addiction

Wow. That picture is random. Well, so is this post. Here are a few of my favorite random links I’ve found lately.


How To Find What You’re Looking For In A Pornography Search

For a lot of guys, the challenges and responsibilities of life, let alone the addition of being a dad, lead us to want an escape. While this will vary from man to man, for many the escape desired is sexual. For some it’s pornography, for others it’s fantasizing about being married to a different woman or about being single and promiscuous, and for some, they take action and cement these fantasies into reality.

Children’s Book Review: The Gruffalo

I love me a healthy slice of clever wit, and The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson cuts a satisfying piece of the pie. After doing research online and sifting through the bookstore, I opted to introduce my son to a clever mouse whose determination to avoid being a meal led him to the wildest of all beasts. In…