You Need To Get A Stupid Coping Mechanism

In a stressful moment during a stressful day in a stressful season, when all I could think to do in the chaos was weep internally and text my wife to say "It's a really hard week," I confided in something stupid on my phone. It gave me a moment of needed repose.


A Dog, A Toddler, And A Baby On The Way: Where’s The Time For Me?

Whether you're an introvert like me, an exhausted parent or just a busy person, time alone is essential for survival and important for mental health. As familial obligations evolve and house projects fill a growing list, recharging time gets benched from the priority list. We are left with the question, how does someone find a slice of time when loved ones and vital projects are eating it all up?

Where Did The Time Go? One Man’s Quest Out Of The Dark

My mission on Dadding Depressed is to be a "match for men in the dark." Regardless of political views, I believe every man is susceptible to mental health issues, and no two stories are the same. I'm extremely grateful to Casey Cavalier for sharing this post with me. His political views do not necessarily reflect those…