Redefining My Day To Give 100 Percent To Things That Matter Most

I feel like I've been giving 20 percent energy to every aspect of my life. I'm a distracted father, a sheepish entrepreneur, I've been reading the same book for six months now, and when I write, I let my fingers do the thinking.


“Will This Movie Make My Wife Cry?”

I have a vivid memory of sitting at her parents' house and watching a Johnny Depp shoot-em-up movie. We were dating at the time. While the screen flickered on our faces like thematic machine guns, she turned to me, perked with enthusiasm, and with red sauce on the corner of her lip, she said those beautiful words that would've made any man fall in love with her. "I love pizza and beer."

The Horrific Day My Daughter Was Born

A full cast of medical staff swirled about the room like a Broadway dream-scene dance number. I was little more than a prop, frozen and dimly lit--an unremarkable tree tucked ignominiously in the background of a delivery room set. Lindsey, in the spotlight, played the role of the suffering queen while a princess emerged on center stage in nothing short of horrifying fashion.

When You Can No Longer Be Your Kid’s Hero, Be A Dad

As Isaiah rounds his 21st month of life, it's apparent we actually have to watch what we say and do. I am setting the example for my son, and the most valuable lessons in life are caught, not taught. I can instruct him to bite his tongue when an idiot driver is being an idiot, but if I do it and he sees me, my authority and witness are weakened. He'll do what I do; not what I say.