9 Ways I Should Have Seen My Bad Day Was Depression

Everybody has a bad day once in a while. DDquote

Or a bad week.

So when I found myself trudging through an especially rough couple of days about a month ago, I brushed it under the rug as a typical ebb to life’s ebb and flow. I embraced the mentality of “grin and bear it.” It wasn’t until my wife pointed these nine things out to me that I recognized there was more to my bad week than just the dice not rolling my way. I was in a depressive state.

1. I lacked energy and I was always tired.

2. I had a short fuse, was irritable, and quick to snap.

3. My closet was a mess, my life was disorganized, and I had apathy instead of ambition.

4. I lost my appetite. I had to choke down food, force myself to eat or be reminded to catch meals.

5. I lost confidence and second-guessed every project I’d been investing in.

6. I felt numb on the outside.

7. I felt anxious on the inside. It was as if depression were a rock clogging up my gears.

8. I distanced myself from people and social situations. I ignored phone calls, texts, and figured out ways to get out of commitments.

9. I picked my nails until they hurt or bled.

It can be easy to quickly excuse a bad day, and, sometimes, that’s not a terrible thing. But it’s good to have the vocabulary as well as the understanding of depression so that you can appropriately recognize the signs and learn how to best move on. In my case, I’m grateful for my wife and her caring insight into my life.

If you think there might be more to your bad day, and that–maybe–you deal with depression, take the next step by talking to a friend, family member, a counselor or a doctor. You don’t always have to grin and bear it.

What are some signs and symptoms you’ve experienced when in a depressive state? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “9 Ways I Should Have Seen My Bad Day Was Depression

  1. Was literally biting my skin as I read this… oops. I’ve also come to realize my fatigue isn’t from lack of sleep but from how exhausting it is simply existing some days.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do all that all the time without even realizing it! And I totally understand. Thanks for sharing. That’s probably something else I could have said: when you’re sad or tired without reason, it’s a sure sign!


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