I’m Back! Here’s How I Spent My Month Off

I took the month of August off from blogging on Dadding Depressed. In doing so, I had to remind myself of a few truths in order to grasp onto the freedom and rest I needed.

  1. Everything needs to breathe, and if I don’t allow this project to inhale, I’ll suffocate it, burn out, and probably quit (it’s happened before).
  2. People won’t forget about me if I take some me-time. And if they do, who cares.
  3. There are other projects to work on.

“Huh…so,” you say, “what are these ‘other projects’?”

Well, let me tell you. Thanks for asking.


My wife and I are (finally) starting a coffee business. It’s the coffee shop that comes to you–a full espresso bar on wheels. We have been crunching numbers, designing logos, talking to people, shopping online, and we even had our first event, serving up an iced Chai.

Stay up to date and follow our story on our Instagram.

LETTERS House Show TourlettersFB2

In October, I’ll be playing a series of house shows. Yep, I’m a singer-songwriter too, so I’ve decided to join forces with myself. I’ll be performing house shows with a focus on a conversation about mental health. Check out the dates and get your tickets!

I Updated My Freelancing SiteDDMLogoFinaltrialmaybe

A new logo, a new portfolio, new connections, new gigs.

We’re Moving!

Well, that’s the hope. I’ve been decluttering our house and refreshing Zillow.

Time With Family

Shiloh turned three months old in August, Isaiah turned 2, and Lindsey turned 30. We have celebrated a lot, and I’m deeply grateful for a beautiful family to spend time with on the off months.

Anywho! Back to the Dadding Depressed grind. Please leave a comment or shout-out. Let’s keep talking/writing about mental health.


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