Redefining My Day To Give 100 Percent To Things That Matter Most

I feel like I’ve been giving 20 percent energy to every aspect of my life. I’m a distracted father, a sheepish entrepreneur, I’ve been reading the same book for six months now, and when I write, I let my fingers do the thinking.

A large part of the issue, I’m sure, is that Lindsey and I are still adjusting to functioning as a four-person family. That makes sense. But I’m realizing another part of the problem is my lack of a personal structure. quotables_31035322 (18).png

I’ve not well-defined the different aspects of my life so everything is always one muddled mess, stirred together into a single pot like a vulgar stew. And, I’m realizing that if I can’t define my goals in life, I’ll never make proper use of my time. I’ll forever twiddle my thumbs, giving 20 percent to everything 100 percent of the time rather than 100 percent to one thing 20 percent of the time.

When I consider the most important things in life, I think of Lindsey, my kids, close friends, church, writing, reading, coffee, music, and relaxation. But even this list can be boiled down to three–relationships, work, and rest.

I want to be a great father, a successful writer and entrepreneur, and a person who actually deserves to relax on occasion. So, (here’s hoping) I can redefine each day by separating it into these three categories. And I need to actually make time for each–be proactive–make a plan–a schedule. Date-nights, roll around with my son, hold my daughter, get a drink with a close friend or network, plan, dream, learn, read, write, actually leave the house and get work done, or relax, turn off my brain and bask in the glory of a successful and well-defined day. Each hour of the day should have a purpose. 


“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” – Charles Darwin


What are the things that matter most to you? And, how can you redefine your day to give 100 percent energy some of the time to the things that matter most instead of giving 20 percent to everything all the time? What are your goals and how can you plan your day to achieve them? 

Fully invest in your relationships, leave work at work, and then, after you’ve given all you can, rest. goals_31500530.png


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