The Celebrities We Aspire To Be Are Being The Dads We Ought To Be

Inspired by the new-again-dad British soccer player who voluntarily missed a World Cup match for the birth of his daughter, for today’s Link Love, I wanted to feature celebrity dads who seem to be killing it. Here are five men who are managing fame, fortune, and family.

Why LeBron James Decided To Be A Great Dad And Break The Cycle Of Single Parenting


Matthew McConaughey on Being a Dad: ”It’s the One Thing I’ve Always Wanted to Be”

“Never is a man more of a man than when he is the father of a newborn.”


6 thoughts on “The Celebrities We Aspire To Be Are Being The Dads We Ought To Be

    1. Hey, thanks for the perspective! Obviously, I don’t think he deserves the credit. I believe that on children’s birthdays, we need to celebrate their moms because of what they go through. My decision to feature him as a good dad is purely a means of commending him for doing something that most men would be baffled by but is a sign of a good father.

      So, I’m celebrating him not for going above and beyond but for doing what should be expected of fathers everywhere. I’d like to think that if dads see him missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like a World Cup match, they can do so much as shut off the TV.


    2. One more thought: when I worked as a manager, I found employees were split into three camps. The most populated camp was the “bare-minimum” camp, then the “average,” and then the “excellent.” Most of the time, the average appear to be excellent just because there were so many bare-minimum employees. So, in a world chock full of bare-minimum (or just plain crappy) fathers, even the average ones can shine as an example to others when in reality, we can still do so much better.


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