May The Force Be With THE BEST OF MAY 2018

I’m happy to announce Dadding Depressed continues to grow in its readership. May was my highest month yet in views! Here are the most read articles of the month:

One Family’s Resolve To Combat Suicide A Step At A Timemartins-zemlickis-57243-unsplash

“Even when it doesn’t end in suicide, mental illness is a life-killer.”

The Horrific Day My Daughter Was Bornfullsizeoutput_43

“’I’m going to check your cervix now,’ a nurse told Lindsey as my wife wailed and writhed on the hospital bed.

Without warning, the nurse whipped open the door and yelled into the hall.

‘She’s at ten centimeters!’

It was go-time.”

Is Your Husband Depressed? Look For These SignspabloISYOURHUSBANDDEPRESSED

“Many men are depressed–most just don’t know it yet.”

You’re Not Perfect And You Don’t Have To Beelena-taranenko-548580-unsplash

“Get this through your stubborn, stone skull: you are not perfect and you don’t have to be.”

Do You Have A Fixed Or A Growth Mindset?oliver-schwendener-257822-unsplash

“This life is not about proving ourselves. It’s about improving ourselves.”

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