What Has Helped You With Depression And Anxiety?

I took to my Facebook page to ask friends and followers a simple question: What products have helped you with depression and anxiety?

The response I got was so extensive that, despite my original intent for the question, I opted to share their answers on Dadding Depressed.

There are A LOT of great ideas in here.

“Running.” – Rachel

“Specific to anxiety: Magnesium, fish oil, vitamin D and ashwagandha. Chamomile tea helps me a lot too. This in combination with hard exercise and daily goal/habit tracking has helped so so so much.” – John

“Eating a healthy diet (including low sugar and very little dairy). Supplements (cod liver oil, vitamin D (I was WAY deficient – on 10,000/day currently), zinc, and others. Balancing hormones has also been key for me, so lately I’ve been eating more freshly ground flaxseed since it helps the body flush out harmful estrogens. Getting out in the sun.” – Krista

“Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar!” – Samantha

“Sex with my wife.” – Caleb

“Diet, water, exercise, sunshine, regulated sleep schedule. These are the basics and they get you to a level where you can actually start to try other things. Like B-vitamins, meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking (to balance out the natural Eeyore mindset that comes with depression) come after that. I have to have the basis, or the rest falls flat.” – Kim

The gym and my camera.” – James

“Walks outside and my Zeal (whole lotta vitamins in powder form).” – Annie

This book [“Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy” by David B. Burns M.D.] that my husband recommended to me after two years of severe clinical depression. It worked wonders within just a few weeks.” – Anna

” Essential Oils have helped me tremendously with this! It’s one of the major reasons I started using them.” – Juleen

“I drink pukka organic licorice and peppermint tea (it can be found at most health food stores). It gives me sustained energy but not enough to add to my anxiety. I avoid pretty much all caffeine. I have to be active in some way throughout the day, whether that is standing up at my desk or parking farther away when grocery shopping. Also vitamin D, due to a very common lack of vitamin D here in Michigan. I have to create something in some way, whether that’s cooking or coloring or calligraphy. Also taking showers at night helps me fall asleep along with diffusing lavender.” – Kelsey

“For anxiety: Vitamin B12 and lemon balm tincture. Turmeric is awesome for depression, delicious in the form of golden milk. Meditation apps like Simple Habit and Headspace are great too.” – Leah

“Behavioral neuroscience, biology and psychopathology courses. Not kidding.” – Stephanie

“There’s a book called ‘Dare: The New Way To End Anxiety And Stop Panic Attacks’ that really helped me with panic attacks, but exercise, healthy food, and honestly Prozac has changed my life.” – Meryl

 If you want to share your favorite products and resources, please do! You can go to my Contact page or Tweet me @daddingdepressd.


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