Children’s Book Review: Little Blue Truck

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“Horn went Beep!

Engine purred

Friendliest sound

You ever heard.”

These four lines will stick in your head with more devotion than a check engine light. And when kids hear them, they’ll buckle in for a literary ride with Little Blue, a personified beat-up pick-up truck with headlights for eyes and a farm animal crew.

For Isaiah, it’s hard to go wrong choosing a book with trucks and dumpsters; when such vehicles team up with horses, cows, goats, and pigs, it’s over-the-rails excitement and a race to the finish. Meanwhile, my engine purrs for the mature literary elements weaved throughout an engaging kid’s story.

The first of many follow-ups, Little Blue Truck follows Blue on a mission of kindness. From everyday greetings to farm animal pedestrians to the muddy rescue of an inconsiderate and friendless dump, Blue sets the example of compassion for his barnyard pals. The book touches on the importance of friendship, the reward of benevolent foresight, and the nobility of positive leadership.

But, the flexing frog near the end is my favorite.

Little Blue Truck appeals to both father and son with its detailed illustrations, rhythmic rhymes, and a narrative I feel good about sharing with my one-and-a-half-year-old child. Not only is the moral of a high standard, but the book contains the basic elements of a story, equipping me in my mission to help my kids appreciate good narrative.

So, honk if you love this book, and if you haven’t yet parked it on your child’s shelf, I’d recommend doing it.



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