7 Sure-Fire Ways To Get You Out Of A Funk

Man, I’ve been in a funk.

Lindsey is 36 weeks pregnant which means she’s wildly uncomfortable without the promise of immediate relief. And I feel like I’m in a similar boat, just emotionally.

I’m exhausted by the constant struggle to maintain mental health, I’m bored by the monotony of home life, and I’m discouraged by a seeming lack of progress. It feels like I’m walking backward, or even worse, sinking deeper.

My writing has suffered, my motivation has deflated, and my family side-eyes my stress like it’s a perched gargoyle, cold and heavy on my shoulders.

If, like me, you’re in a funk, or perhaps in preparation of one, let’s join together and challenge ourselves in these 7 ways. They are activities that have helped me in the past, but, Lord knows, I need a reminder of their benefits.

1. Get Coffee With A Friend

It doesn’t have to be coffee. Sip on a brewski, suck on a Coke or choke down some Bubble Tea. The goal here is to have healthy interactions with someone besides your alter-ego.

Lean on a trusted friend with whom you can tell-all (or try asking them big questions and listen more than you talk), or initiate with someone new. Shoot, you could even avoid the conversation altogether, and instead, focus on an activity-based interaction. Just get out of the house and out of your head.

2. Serve Somebody

Life can feel pretty draining, even when you’re rocking the burbs with a beautiful wife, adorable son, and perfect dog. Especially in a society fueled by Facebook, it’s easy to get caught in comparison games and feel down, robbing yourself of perspective.

So, another way to get out of your head is to turn your focus to someone else rather than circle your mind like a nervous dog. This will help give you a sense of purpose, and ideally, it can offer someone else a sense of belonging.

3. Switch Up Your Morning Routine

Every world-changer has committed to an A.M. routine, so if you want to find success, you should start by looking in the morning. Develop what works best for you and stick to it. But when you’ve crossed the fine line between routine and tedium, you’ll often find yourself in a funk, and you’ll know it’s time to switch things up, if even just for a short period of time.

Shuffle the order in which you do your morning ritual, or do something completely new.

4. Get Active

From improving your mood, bettering your physical health, and increasing sex drive, getting active is a proven method when trying to escape a funk. Jog off the anxiety or tire yourself out with a grueling set of push-ups. Get active. Doing so will refresh you, boost your energy and grow your confidence, readying you for the next challenge.

5. Do Something New

You know that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while now? Lose weight, get into baking, play an original song at that open mic, or ask her out already. What are you waiting for? The reason you’re in a funk is you’ve allowed your apprehensions to rule or you’ve conceded to your fears over and over again. That nagging hope or maybe-someday dream can be pursued today. Take a leap. Try something new.

6. Ditch Electronics

Think of the last time you were in a waiting room. Maybe at the doctor or the DMV. How many people were glued to their phones? You don’t know. Probably because you were one of them. If we are not careful and intentional about it, we could find ourselves in an obsessive whirlwind of Likes, Tweets, Double-Taps, and comparison. Take a break from your phone, your computer, your TV, and get back in touch with books, nature, real live people.

7. Take Charge

Monotony is a choice, not a curse. You don’t have to stay in a funk. Get out of the house and out of your head, focus on others, switch things up, get active, ditch electronics. Take charge. Sometimes, you just gotta do it.

Go get ’em, tiger.

What are some of your strategies when it comes to escaping a funk?


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