A Look At The Past 200 Posts

The first article I posted on Dadding Depressed was called “The M-E-N In Mental Illness.” It was good, but 200 posts later, I look back at it like it’s a buck-toothed middle school selfie.

June 21, 2017, I wrote “Why The Words Matter More Than The Numbers Ever Could,” in which I talked about learning a difficult lesson in a difficult way. And, I’m still learning how to write garbage. 

I laid the foundation for my approach to true masculinity in “Are You Man Enough?” and I told the story of a hard conversation in “Are We Just Talking About Talking Mental Illness?.”

As a dad, I’ve learned my son was human in “Yes, Dads, Your Baby Is A Human,” and that even when “My Son Doesn’t Like Me,” I can invest in him with a faithful affection. “Mr. Moms Or Good Dads” talked about…well, you can guess that one. And I even learned how to confront “Darth Vader Dad” anxiety.  “12 Things I Learned In 12 Months Of Fatherhood” touched on many more lessons that have shaped my dadding.

Success as a dad, husband, and a blogger certainly doesn’t come without failures though. In “From The Falls Of Babes,” I talked about the art of trying like an early-walker. When I gave everything but a nude selfie to some idiot scammer, I wrote: “3 Principles To Embrace For When You Fail Hard.” I shared “What I Learned About Mental Health From Failing My DIY Project” and I told the story of how my dad taught me how to find wisdom in “How To Get Wise: An Idiot’s Guide.”

I wrote an unofficial “How To Love…” series with “How To Love Someone With A Mental Illness,” “How To Love Someone Without A Mental Illness,” and “How To Love A Loved One When Death And Despair Strike.”

I’ve talked about friendship and brotherhood in “How To Be Intimate With Your Buddies,” “How To Hunt For Bigfoot And A Make Male Friend,” “Quick Tip: ‘I Love You, Man’,” “I Wish I’d Stayed In Touch With Friends,” and “How To Respond When Your Best Friend Bites

I’ve addressed “How To Be Mentally Responsible,” and “Why I Finally Decided To See A Mental Health Professional.” Shoot, I even wrote about things like style, fitness, pornographymasturbation, and “How To Curb That Bad Habit.”

Suicide has been a topic as well with “The Spark Of Robin Williams,” “How To Respond To The Shade In Bennington’s Spotlight,” and “How Logan Paul Encouraged Me To Share My Suicide Story.” “I Wrote A Song About Suicide: Here’s Why And How You Can See The Video.”

And social media: “FOMO: What It Is And What To Do,” “Don’t Be The Casualty In A Facebook War,” and “Quick Tip: Know The ‘Why’ Of Social Media.”

Don’t forget about my marriage. “Who Wears The Pants In The Relationship?” addresses a stupid question, and “My Gift Is Her Given: The Lesson After The Fight” touched on the realities of married life. I even got my wife to write a guest post.

All that said, I’ve written a lot. 200 posts, to be exact.

Here’s to 200 more!



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