What You Need To Know About Feeling Your Testicles

Sure, I forgot to post about Testicular Cancer Awareness month in April. Whatever. The world has already moved on with “May the fourth be with you” and Timberlake’s “It’s gonna be May.”

Still, it’s never too late to talk about balls, and it’s never too early to check yours either. So, men, let’s get our hands dirty and fondle our pellets. Early detection saves lives.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of touching yourself:

DO feel for lumps, differences in shape or size, swelling, pain, or heaviness.

DON’T feel someone else’s. This is a prime opportunity for every guy to take personal responsibility.

DO check regularly in bed, in the bathroom, in the shower, or even sitting on the couch while Netflix is auto-playing through every season of Breaking Bad. We’re always touching our family jewels anyway, right?

DON’T check them on the subway, at your work desk, or in your favorite coffee shop. Nobody needs to see that. And, yes, we all see you “discreetly” playing pocket pool.

DO realize that 13-34-year-olds are at the highest risk, and the risk is 4-5 times greater for white males.

DON’T hesitate to share this post or the video below. Early detection can save lives!

Help spread awareness by encouraging the men in your life to mind their health and #SupportYourBalls.

For More Information, click here.



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