Why Boys Can’t Be Girlish, Today’s Problem With Masculinity, And My Hometown Representing

Wow. That picture is random. Well, so is this post. Here are a few of my favorite links I’ve found lately

How To Keep Going When Hope Feels Lost

A look at Winston Churchill written by yours truly.

Today’s Problem With Masculinity Isn’t What You Think


The 50 Fastest-Growing Craft Breweries In The United States

Number 44. So proud.

Why Girls Can Be Boyish But Boys Can’t Be Girlish

Another interesting read.

What’s Your Parenting Style (And How It’s Affecting Your Kids)?

It’s hard to plant seeds without knowing how your kids might blossom, but we can try.

Share your favorite links with me, and if I dig em, I’ll post about it!

Photo by Andrew Worley on Unsplash


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