March With THE BEST OF MARCH 2018

How To Find What You’re Looking For In A Pornography Searchandrew-neel-117763-unsplash.jpg

“You can only keep that beast in its cage for so long. It will eventually find its way around the internet filter, lie to the accountability partner, and get tired of being told to be good.”

You Need To Get A Stupid Coping Mechanismjared-sluyter-342883-unsplash

“It wasn’t prescribed by a doctor or a therapist; it wasn’t a revelation or some mystery solved or a giant step toward healing. It was my stupid coping mechanism.”

I Wrote A Song About Suicide: Here’s Why And How You Can See The Video19488806_10212385387765697_5572370941064373429_o

“At first, he was a missing person. They always are. Days later, they found his body in a patch of woods near my sister’s house.”

Mains Family Newsletter (And A Lady Gaga Impersonator)signal-2018-03-26-173928

“If you haven’t heard, we are having a girl!

I’m confident she’ll waft out of the womb like a gowned Lady Gaga for an emotional piano ballad.”

4 Life Lessons From My Death In The Gympexels-photo-703019

“When I bumbled to the desk and asked for a membership, I felt like a kid buying a King Size Snickers on his first solo trip to the 7 Eleven. Kinda proud but mostly scared.

To say I was adequately prepared to start a regular workout would make Pinnochio’s nose longer than the Washington Monument.”

What was your favorite of March?? Do tell.


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