My Son Doesn’t Like Me

Throwback Thursday presents!


Well, it happened.

My son doesn’t like me.

I knew the day would come. My jokes were destined to get stale, my fatherly opinion would turn overbearing, and classic dad-son disagreements would ensue. I understand that it’s normal for there to be an ebb and flow to every relationship as two grow apart and back together, but I just imagined it would be when he was ten years old, not ten months.

No doors have slammed and no “I hate you”s have been thrown. A ten-month-old rugrat can only do so much defiantly. His parental preferences are obvious as he waddles to his mother and not to me; he leans out of my arms and into hers, and he throws his head back crying every time he is passed to me.

It always hurts when someone you love doesn’t return your affection, but when it is your child, the pangs of…

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