Fall In Love With THE BEST OF FEBRUARY 2018

1. How To Talk About Men, Mental Health, And Masturbationmen-mental-health-masturbation

“If we are going to talk about men and mental illness, we might as well talk about pornography and masturbation sometime or another.”


2. Who Wears The Pants In The Relationship?nathan-walker-39314

“Where did the notion come from that suggests the more dominant personality ‘wears the pants’? And why do we assume that men should be the ones ‘wearing the pants’? What does ‘wearing the pants’ even mean?!”


3. My Gift Is Her Given: The Lesson After The Fightpexels-photo-226166

“We are grafted together in marriage, and so we are forced to evaluate how we communicate with one another and to consider how we each might accommodate the other.”


4. “I’m Not A Man But I Love Your Blog”women-men-blog

“I don’t strive to take over the conversation, but I do want to bring balance to the dialogue because while women talk more about mental illness, more men die by it.”


5. Do You Struggle With Depression? 7 Things To Evaluateayo-ogunseinde-202302

“I lived for years with the signs of poor mental health, yet I failed to connect the symptoms with the deeper issue. I existed in the dark, lost and lonely, until one day a match was lit.”


Which one was your favorite or made the greatest impact on you? Consider sharing it on Facebook and inviting friends to join the conversation!

Photo by Simon Hattinga Verschure on Unsplash


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