Children’s Book Review: The Gruffalo

I love me a healthy slice of clever wit, and The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson cuts a satisfying piece of the pie.

After doing research online and sifting through the bookstore, I opted to introduce my son to a clever mouse whose determination to avoid being a meal led him to the wildest of all beasts. In a classic tale of a protagonist underdog (undermouse?), the tiniest of creatures maneuvres his way past a hungry fox, a starving snake, a ravenous owl, and finally the Gruffalo who has “terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.”

For my 18-month-old son, I found it is a heavier read, but as long he has his attention leashed, we can make it through this double-arched story in one sitting. When his attention does bolt off, dragging him away, I find myself still concluding the book, if even for my own enjoyment.

The rhythm swoops readers up, the ingenious rhymes sink their teeth into memory and the narrative roars with excellence. This beastly book, with a monster amount of creativity, has clawed its way to top-shelf status in my rugrat’s collection, and it will likely do the same in your home.

The Gruffalo is an engaging read for both parent and child, and readers all will appreciate its sneakily subtle message: even a monster is no match for a mouse-sized bit of wit and bravery.

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