Are You Connected? 5 Easy Ways Out Of Isolation

I’ve developed a nuanced approach to Dadding Depressed. Rather than seeing myself as a lofty, mysterious, and detached voice into the darkness of mental illness, I’m beginning to see myself as a facilitator on a platform for vital conversation.

That said, I want to invite you to join me in being a part of an active dialogue. Let’s stop talking about talking about mental illness and get to it already.

And, if you’re hiding in isolation under the weight of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, don’t go it alone. Connect.

Here are five easy ways to join me in the conversation:

1. “Like” Dadding Depressed On Facebook Or Follow Me On Twitter

2. Join A Dadding Depressed Facebook Group For Daily Dialogue And General Support

3. Come To Man Pong Once A Month!

4. Sign Up For The Dadding Depressed Email List

5. Share A Dadding Depressed Post With A Friend And Have Your Own Conversation!


My old band, Doug Mains & The City Folk, is getting back together on May 11 in Lansing, Michigan.

Buy tickets in advance, come on out, and we can chat!


Photo by Michael Frattaroli on Unsplash


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