How To Respond To The Shade In Bennington’s Spotlight

Dadding Depressed Throwback Thursday Presents…


If you didn’t know who Chester Bennington was before, you know now. Singer-songwriter of the California rock band, Linkin Park, was depression’s latest victim in the spotlight as news broke of the 41 year-old’s late suicide by hanging. Sorrow outpoured on social media as fans mourned the loss of an idol in sentimental status updates and cry-face emojis. Meanwhile, friends, band-mates, his wife and six kids likely wept and questioned the goodness of God.

He was a musician and singer-songwriter-turned-celebrity, but the shimmer of gold blinds the impressionable to the reality of Chester Bennington as a father, son, brother, friend, and a victim of drug and alcohol abuse and depression. The cultural elevation of influential people like him is a grave disservice as society raises them too high to find support. And when an idol falls, we are sobered once again by the realization of not only our own mortality…

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