1. My Wife Was A Complete Stranger At The Altar17579_10100135670327394_2821840_n

“Cherish your spouse in every moment, and your love will deepen with every season.”

2. How Logan Paul Encouraged Me To Share My Suicide Storyjonathan-pendleton-61209

“I got stuck in my head. I got stuck in my house. I got stuck in the past. I got stuck in the future, and, at times there seemed to be only one escape.”

3. How To Curb That Bad Habitmag-pole-105542

“When we don’t appease our instincts–the purpose for which we were created–we flounder in the darkness, making unwise decisions, and relying on destructive behaviors to cope with what we are missing.”

4. How To Hunt For Bigfoot And Make A Male Friendpexels-photo-312491

“The male friend is one of the rarest human subspecies in the world. More often than not, he goes unnoticed, only emerging from his man-cave to battle in the savage common ground known as the workplace.”

5. Zero Life-Altering Ideas On How To Parent A Mythical Creaturediana-feil-226014

“Since the looming black balloon that has lingered over our heads like a cloud of anxiety for the first four months of my wife’s second pregnancy rained pink confetti, I’ve wanted to write this post.”

What was your favorite? Do share!



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