“I’m Not A Man But I Love Your Blog”

I’ve heard it a lot lately.

“I’m not a man, but I love your blog.”

It’s something along those lines, almost as if these women are apologizing for peeping into the men’s locker room.

There’s no need to apologize. You’re not a peeping Tom Tonna.

I welcome readers of all demographics, and I know that depression, anxiety, and mental illness don’t discriminate. So, the question needs to be asked, why write a blog geared towards guys regarding such a human problem? Why does Dadding Depressed strive to be “a match for men in the dark”? And are women allowed to read along?

The Hole In The Internet

The simple answer to why I write a blog geared towards guys is that, personally, I recognized a hole in the internet. As a man who has dealt with depression and anxiety first-hand, I’d peruse the world wide web for tips and resources. And I found them! Tons of them. Only most of what I discovered was written by women and/or for women.

This isn’t an issue. Women writing about mental illness is vital to the overall health of our society. But, what I found as a man is that the overwhelming amount of resources for women isolated me in my thinking, making me feel even more alone and inadequate. When I related to an article and the church lady in my soul was screaming, “Yes, Lord, yes,” I’d trip over gender exclusive terminology or the mention of PMS on my way to the altar.

When it came time to start a blog, I wanted to fill the hole I’d experienced. I don’t strive to take over the conversation, but I do want to bring balance to the dialogue because while women talk more about mental illness, more men die by it.

The Hole In Society’s Approach

Men are more likely to hoard emotions like a collection of ticking time bombs under their mattresses, and statistics reveal the ramifications of such internalization.

According to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, men die by suicide 3.57x more often than women. In 2016, 7 out of 10 suicides were men. Unless your hatred for the straight white male is so great you desire he’d take his own life, these stats are a red flag.

Society is more prone to discussing these issues in regards to women, so Dadding Depressed strives to be a tiny spark of hope into a black hole and a quiet voice echoing for the ears of those seven men clinging to the edge.

A Message To Female Readers (And Everyone Else)

But, this blog is not just for men. I welcome, want, and need female readers as well. Women, your eyes, heart, mind, and your experience are overwhelmingly accepted and incredibly appreciated here.

Men and women are more alike than different. The conversation needs not be gender exclusive, though, it should be balanced. Maybe we can achieve such a healthy balance on Dadding Depressed.

Whether it’s on the internet, by the water cooler, with a counselor, or at the dinner table, men and women should talk about their mental health issues, not only for themselves but for the generations that follow. I am merely one voice in the abyss–a single spark in the blackness–a match for people in the dark, but we need more voices for the choir and more flames for the fire.

So, welcome, readers, one and all.


Join the conversation.

If you’re a female reader, leave a comment below! Thank you for being a part of Dadding Depressed. 


8 thoughts on ““I’m Not A Man But I Love Your Blog”

  1. True. Mental strengths differ in every person. It has nothing to do with the gender. It’s all mind game and how they are able to deal with it.
    While the hard times all deserve help disregarding genders ✨

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  2. I found your blog through my nephew. Anxiety and depression runs in our family. I really enjoy exploring the illness through your eyes. It’s given me some new insight. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for your blog mission. I have lost several male friends to depression because they feared the stigma of male mental illness. Men need to talk more about this subject, and I am so happy you are. Keep up the good work!

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