Mr. Moms Or Good Dads?

Throwback Thursday Dadding Depressed style with this classic one.


The 1983 film,Mr. Mom made it a little more okay to be a stay-at-home dad for parents of the 80’s. Still, it’s remarkable how idiotic they managed to portray the diaper-duty-dad, Jack, played by Michael Keaton. At one point, the washer machine was going rogue, the stove was on fire, the baby was eating chili, and the vacuum (named Jaws) was trying to eat the middle child. The movie resounds with the stigmatization that men are inept in the home and that elements of the professional world do not transfer into the realm of child-rearing.

Such stigma propelled by blockbusters like Mr. Mom, Three Men & A Baby, and Junior creates an unfortunate barrier between men and home-life. Even in more recent representations of patriarchs like in Modern Family or Family Guy, the father figures are portrayed as basically incompetent, funny as they are. Consistently, men are…

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