Pick Up The Phone

Throwback Thursday Presents!


Have a phonebia? When did the phone get to be so scary? Smartphones seem to be used more for hiding than for actual human contact. 

I’ve been really bad at getting back to people lately. Really bad. Calling, texting, pigeon mail. All of it. Bad. A reason could very well be that I am navigating the unknown territory of fatherhood. I think that’s just an excuse.

A Shallow Many For Depth In Few

There was a time in life when I was well connected. I had thousands of Facebook friends. I had few actual friends. Almost none, honestly. There was no friend, circle, or community with whom I lived life portraying mutual honesty and transparency. Every acquaintance knew the facade I had built better than they knew me. So I burned out from the thousands-of-friends plan and chose instead to focus on a few.

I became highly intentional with calling, hanging out…

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