1. Mains Family Newsletter (And News Of An Avocado)


    “Isaiah started to say a few words which has been fun. He knows ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and ‘hot’ and ‘yucky’ and ‘idiosyncratic.’ He is also learning how to disobey and rub peanut butter in his hair, forcing us to actually start parenting the little sinner.”

  2. What You Ought To Know About Antidepressants (From Someone Who Takes Them)simone-van-der-koelen-435823

    “From Tylenol to Morphine, thousands of medications are widely accepted as honorable remedies. So, why not antidepressants?

  3. I Rushed My Son To The ER, And It Was Hellsergio-rola-58407

    “If the mother-baby ward of the Sparrow Hospital is heaven, with the nurses, lifted by angel wings, gliding the halls and emitting blessings, then the ER is a blazing hell.”

  4. How To Love Someone With A Mental Illnesspexels-photo (2)

    “A question that comes up somewhat often when I’m talking with readers is how can I support a loved one who suffers from a mental illness?”

  5. Don’t Ask A Person With Depression Or Anxiety These Kind Of Questionspexels-photo-356079

    “Inquiries into a person’s life have the potential to do great good or cause deep wounds, and it all depends on what questions we ask and how we ask them.”

    Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


Photo by Jeremy Kovac on Unsplash



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