It’s My Birthday! Here’s A Lesson For Every Year I’ve Lived

Today, I turn 30. Goodbye 20s! You were…kind of a jerk. 

Not really. Well, not totally.

Here are 30 lessons I’ve learned in my 30 years of life:

  1. From 3-years-old to 30 to 90, you’ll never have life figured out. Maybe at 91.
  2. A few close friends willing to go deep is more valuable than a thousand acquaintances. FB_IMG_1462979737342 (1)

  3. Social media sucks. 
  4. Nothing is black and white. The world is gray.
  5. Ask big questions and listen more than you talk. 
  6. The love you have for your child is like no other, and it grows as much as they do. (Check out 12 Lessons I Learned In 12 Months Of Fatherhood.)
  7. Always look for the name-tag of a person working customer service, and thank them by name. Make it a habit.
  8. When in a different country, it’s not like the movies.1909478_59433093131_2808_n

  9. Life is life wherever it is. Immerse yourself in culture, and be a student of others.
  10. God is not out to get you. God is not out to get you. God is not out to get you. 

  11. Thinking is a beautiful thing, but like anything else, it should be done in moderation. Think responsibly, and manage your thought collection.
  12. Words are the wonder with which we wonder. Think about it.
  13. Societal manhood is strong, independent, and proud, but true manhood is willing to show weakness, and is dependent on others, and humble.
  14. When with other people, ignore all texts, calls, notifications, except for those from your spouse.
  15. High School is pass or fail. Life is not. 200816_1002299338574_9341_n

  16. My favorite word is ambiguity. Mostly because I had to practice how to say it, but partly because I love ambiguity.
  17. I used to think when I ate food it filled up my legs and piled up. When the accumulation of food reached my middle, that’s when I had to poop. Thankfully, I figured that one out a long time ago. 11412288_10204493402441074_3248352222152932671_n

  18. Just because the price-tag says “on sale,” it doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.
  19. It’s possible to have life-long friends, but it takes intentionality.
  20. Four wheel drive and long johns make Michigan winters a lot easier.
  21. Touring as a poor folk band is a recipe for a lot of good memories. 13220979_1035010063236152_2698328491170065598_n

  22. Go to counseling sooner rather than later.
  23. Creativity is a muscle. Exercise.
  24. Don’t try to fit into someone else’s box. You won’t fit.

  25. The morning is the best time for productivity. If you can do what you love before the cynic in you wakes up, you’ll be well on your way to a masterpiece.
  26. The Office is the best show of all time. Survivor is a close second.
  27. The anticipation of an event is almost always worse than the actual event. 
  28. Don’t waste your time with people who waste your value.

  29. It’s good to laugh.
  30. 30 isn’t that bad. 17629889_10110142586327514_3736968934988342596_n (1)




17 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday! Here’s A Lesson For Every Year I’ve Lived

      1. I really take particular notice of 22. I only went to counselling when it became obvious it was needed as I had absolutely no ideas I had a problem. But it’s provided a lot more clarity.

        Fantastic and insightful piece.

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  1. I hope #21 meant monetarily poor and not an assessment of talent! Some great observations in here. #4: “Nothing is black or white. The world is gray.” I always thought of gray as such a depressing way to think of it. I think of the world as a complex tapestry of more colors than you can imagine. A lot of people cling to the dichotomy of black and white because they want simplicity and fear the unknown of complexity. But if you let it in, you’ll see that complexity is the spice of Life; it’s what makes the tapestry of the world beautiful. It gives us the technological wonders of the modern age and brings tears to our eyes in the culminating moments of a great symphony. I’m not sure why I thought of it so strongly in reading this post, but I did. Maybe it just struck me as out of place in the generally upbeat message of your post because the negative conotation I subconsciously attach to that phrase. Anyways, thanks for giving me something to think about!

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    1. Hey Nick, wow, thanks, man! I’m honored to have inspired thought–especially such profound ponderings. I love what you’re saying, and don’t disagree. In fact, you’ve challenged me. I think the core of what we are both saying is similar, but I am probably more guilty of taking on a darker perspective, something I do a lot. By the statement, I meant to challenge the perspective that I find so many people clinging to these days, namely, that life is plainly laid out for us. We tend to get stuck in a pattern of labeling right and wrong, black and white, this and that, and most of us guilty of thinking we are the best drivers on the road. But, I tend to live in the gray. I don’t believe anything is as simple as we so often make it. We are people. We are complex. All that said, I love your nuanced perspective. It is inspiring and it challenges my approach. Yes, the world is complex–not simple–but, that is the wonder of it all.

      Thanks again for such a profound response. Maybe I can talk you into a guest post some day…?

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