A Holiday Handbook: 8 Places To Shop For The Men In Your Life

Let’s be honest, shopping for guys can be a pain in the merry derriere.

So, whether you’re a dude who hates shopping like me (with all the crowds and the chaos, I’d rather a swift kick to the jingle bells) or you’re on the holiday market for the men in your life, here are some of my personal favorite online stores. Each provides quality, creative, and exciting options for those Mr. Clauses.

Dads, brothers, uncles, buddies, boyfriends, and husbands can thank me later.


To start, why don’t you get the guy a tie he’d actually be excited to wear? Help him ditch the fat bottom hand-me-down noose from his stepdad, and buy him a sharp, one-of-a-kind necktie from Dazi. With one of these fabric fixings, he’ll have people everywhere saying, “Santa baby.”


Dollar Shave Club

Whether your man looks like Rudolph with that pimple on his nose, has the beard of Santa Claus, or the cheeks of baby Jesus, he has hygienic needs that can be met at Dollar Shave Club. Their products are simple, practical, and perfect for any type of manscaping. They even have peppermint tingling, flushable butt wipes! You gotta admit, that sounds pretty nice…and even a little naughty.



If you shop at Huckleberry, be sure to bring your gold, frankincense, and myrrh, because, magi, it ain’t cheap. And you’ll need to make a free account in order to peruse, but don’t let any of that scare you off. The website has a huge collection of quality gifts for men, from knives to candles, watches to clothes, and even from camping gear to freakin’ astronaut slippers (I want ’em). Seriously, I’m that kid with his nose on the glass of the toy store except for I’m salivating on the computer screen.

Art Of Manliness

No disrespect to the Art Of Manliness, but their online store is like Huckleberry on a more pragmatic budget. No shame in that, though; even a poor boy’s ba-rumpa-pum-pum has a place in the Christmas choir. The store has its fair share of excellent masculine knick-knacks, apparel, books, and male grooming needs. Plus their blog has more resources for men than Christmas ’96 had Tickle Me Elmos.

Man Crates

I just found Man Crates the other day, and, man, they’re crate (see what I did). Their manifesto states that men need better gifts, and they certainly provide them with masculine-themed gift boxes and unique project kits. From a Pipe Carving Kit to a Whiskey Connoisseur Crate, going this route makes it simple to get a noteworthy gift for any dude in your life. It’s unique, practical, and, all around, just plain cool. He’ll be a jolly chum when he opens it.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 7.23.49 AM.png


For the book lover who doesn’t need anymore books, try buying him a literary inspired T-shirt. These shirts (and totes and posters) are designed to honor classic novels while actually using the words of the book to create the design. Whaaaaaaaat. I don’t know about you, but that roasts my chestnuts.


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 

B&E Special Edition Classics

What’s better than an elf on a shelf? Well, a lot of things, but one being these very special edition hardcover books from Barnes & Noble. B&E refreshes timeless novels with beautifully designed covers, making a perfect gift for the aesthetically pleased reader. I got Jurassic Park last Christmas, and it is now proudly displayed on the top shelf like a fine wine. Move aside, Keebler!


NHL coach, Mike Babcock, warms the icy toes of bros everywhere in an effort to raise awareness and funding for mental illness, primarily in athletes. Not only have we always wanted socks with Babcock’s face on them, but a gift like this is one that gives more than just on Christmas morning.

          Home and Away Pack

Well, there you go; great holiday ideas for men. Shop away!

Where are you favorite places to shop for guys? Guys, where are some favorite spots?

Leave a comment below!


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