A Holiday Handbook; 10 Reads To Help You Survive Thanksgiving

Family, friends, strained relationships, lots of people in a cramped space, and your Aunt’s awkwardly disgusting casserole all have a way of making the holiday season a bit daunting for those with a mental illness.

Fortunately, Dadding Depressed put together a holiday handbook for all the worst case scenarios! Here are ten Dadding Depressed articles to help you survive the holiday season.

And, because everybody loves Gifs, I added those.

For when you need a quick and easy way to say, “Thanks,” at Thanksgiving dinner,

Read Quick Tip: Just Say Thanks

For when you just don’t feel like reaching out to friends during the holidays…or really anyone at all,

Read I Wish I Stayed In Touch With Friends // Pick Up The Phone

For when you see that Facebook picture of your ex (looking better than ever) having a blast or you scroll past that Instagram post of all your friends making hand turkeys,

Read FOMO: What It Is And What To Do

For when you need a moment to remember the moment,

Read Yes, Dads, Your Baby Is A Human

For when you feel less-than in the face of the in-laws or the rich uncle or the successful friend,

Read Mr. Moms Or Good Dads // Are You Man Enough?

For when the topic of mental illness comes up in conversation and you panic internally,

Read Are We Just Talking About Talking About Mental Illness?

For when you need help to be yourself or maybe just admit you don’t care about the Lions,

Read I Wish I’d Been Authentic

And for when your depression and anxiety make it hard to actively love or be grateful for your friends and family,

Read How To Love Someone Without A Mental Illness

Happy Thanksgiving!


Doug of Dadding Depressed

Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash


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