Anyone Know What Day It Is?

Her ears perked with a singe of panic.

“What’s that?”

My wife asked the question as the clunk and rumble of the garbage truck thundered on Wolf Court. Our bare driveway was excluded from the picking, and our dumpster sat waiting by the back door.

“It’s Friday!”

She answered her own question.

Yesterday was a daze in which I realized I had lost my bearing on time. I was too exhausted to figure it out. Now, my laziness has bitten me in the butt. The work week raced by and the caboose clipped me by surprise. We missed trash day.

As a stay-at-home dad and home-office writer days have become a loose guideline of time. I don’t think in terms of official titles anymore. I think by hour and in survival mode.

8:30 P.M. “I hope he sleeps through the night.”

7:12 A.M. “He slept through the night. What a saint.”

7:13 A.M. “Good morning baby boopy boppy bop.”

7:14 A.M. “Let’s change your diaper that might as well have been baptized in Niagara, and–oh!–let’s make sure your turd doesn’t roll onto the carpet like a runaway rat.”

7:20 A.M. “Ok, let’s watch a show.”

7:22 A.M. “Ok, you’re over it.”

7:23 A.M. “Imma make some coffee.”

7:28 A.M. “Let’s eat breakfast.”

9:03 A.M. “Ok, now, take a nap.”

10:24 A.M. “No. I’m sorry–was I not clear? I meant a longer nap.”

And so on and so on. Everyday. A baby has no respect for time.

With a schedule dependent on a one-year-old rollie pollie, I have a hard time locking into any sort of routine. It’s not a perfect world–it’s a parent’s world–and my ideal schedule is hijacked by an adorable leech. Daily, I’m left spinning for an answer to the nagging question: how does a stay at home dad prioritize vital healthy habits when he lives firstly for another?

How do I find time to work out?

How do I make time for meditation, reading, and writing?

How do I not get overwhelmed by the demands of the day?

How do I stay present for my son while equipping myself for success?

I don’t know the answers. I hardly know what day it is. But I do know this is my life right now, it’s still vital I prioritize personal health (somehow), it’s highly valuable I be engaged as a dad, and our dumpster full of dirty diaps has to wait until next week Friday.

And that’s all really okay.

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