100 Posts For Men With Mental Illness

It feels crazy to be posting number 1-0-0. Here are the top six posts that have stood out above the rest.

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1. Are You Man Enough? man-gym-muscle-fitness-38908

“These are values I hope to teach to my son, whether he grows up to be a thick jock screaming at a football game or a bean stalk like me, eating buffalo chicken dip in the kitchen and pondering the next poem to write.”

2. Are We Just Talking About Talking About Mental Illness?mitchel-lensink-220106

“‘Quit biting your nails,’ my wife said, taking her eyes off the road to glance at me squirming in the passenger seat, ‘I need you to be strong for this.'”

3. Yes, Dads, Your Baby Is A HumanIMG_4175 2

“Just like college, fatherhood is an investment. Invest well.”

4. FOMO: What It Is And What To Dochuttersnap-149286

“In an age when selfies are totes being posted, tweeted, and snapped of BFF’s twerking at the club to which you were not invited, it’s easy to hear the anxiety echo in the empty chambers of your left out and lonely soul.”

5. How To Love Someone Without A Mental Illnesspexels-photo-167299

“Whether your direct support is a spouse or a close friend, here are a few things to keep in mind while trying to better love your support circle.”

6. Why I Finally Decided To See A Mental Health Professionalnik-shuliahin-251237

“I curled up in the chair, burying myself in the corner like a pound puppy.

Eyes averted.

Arms swathed around my body.

Legs crossed and drawn tight.



There you have it; the top six of 100! Please share to help Dadding Depressed celebrate 100 posts. 

Photo by Javier Graterol on Unsplash



2 thoughts on “100 Posts For Men With Mental Illness

  1. I appreciate you sharing this stuff so openly. I struggled with addiction for many years, and now I’m a sober father of two young boys. Most days are pretty good. Some days I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Then I realize that most of us have that same idea.

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