1. 31U: Dave

pablo (46)

“I began to doubt myself, my abilities, and sadly, my worth. Regular life stressors began to be triggers for mornings where I would wake up not wanting to face the day.”

2. Why I Finally Decided To See A Mental Health Professional


“It wasn’t that people didn’t love me; it was that I couldn’t believe that people loved me.”

3. My Son Doesn’t Like Me


“Have I screwed up this fatherhood thing already? is the question that bubbles between my ears every time he leans away.”

4. 31U: David

pablo (54)

“I was blindsided by an anxiety disorder in October of 2015. It was, hands down, the single most terrifying experience of my adult life.”

5. Dads Get Dirty


“We should invest at the bottom rung where our kids are finding their footing.”


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