Quick Tip: Limit Caffeine

“Black as night, sweet as sin.”
― Neil Gaiman

I’m a coffee snob.

No, seriously.

I’m already judging you.

From roasting to latte art, I have an ample amount of professional experience, and I can easily tell the difference between a quality cup of joe and one that should be damned back to the dirt. I’ve geeked out with home brewing equipment, perfected a myriad of methods, and I would kill it on a coffee-themed category on Jeopardy. So, needless to say, I greatly appreciate my morning cup. A homemade Americano or quality pour-over is a staple in my A.M. routine, and like so many others, I’m a zombie until I get it. But, as I have recognized my proneness to anxiety and depression, I have had to remove the coffee IV from my forearm and limit myself to one (to two) cups a day. And it really has helped.

Whether it’s from coffee, energy drinks, soda, or something else, check your caffeine intake. The amount you drink could be contributing to the anxiety, depression, and discomfort with which you wrestle, and limiting yourself is an extremely easy and doable task.

Caffeine by definition is “a crystalline compound that is found especially in tea and coffee plants and is a stimulant of the central nervous system.” Those with mental health issues simply do not need to stimulate our central nervous systems anymore than we naturally do. In addition to jitters and increased anxiety, too much caffeine can also contribute to insomnia, addiction, increased blood pressure, withdrawal headaches, and exacerbated heart conditions. There even is a risk of overdose, as Caffeine Informer reports.

While there are benefits to moderate caffeine usage, be aware of having too much. Limiting your intake will certainly help you to have a clearer and calmer mind throughout the day. Try decaf or explore the world of decaf teas or something else. Drink chamomile.

Watch what you drink before you find yourself paranoid that your drink might be watching you.

What’s your favorite decaf beverage? Have an idea for a Quick Tip? Let me know!

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash


3 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Limit Caffeine

  1. I’ve only just recently discovered the world of coffee….soon after the birth of my child 😊 I’m still in my infant stages, I own a Tassimo 😂 I’m not sure that counts as coffee! I love it though! I do find it messes up my sleep a little and does nothing for my deprrssion/anxiety when I’m having ‘one of those days’. A nice cup of peppermint or chamomile works best….but not at keeping me alive through the day 😉


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