Quick Tip: Get Creative

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

Pablo Picasso

Some people are natural artists, but everyone is creative.

When we don’t make the time or effort to pursue creative endeavors, no matter how small, we become susceptible to increased depression and anxiety. Try pursuing a creative task. No matter the struggle, exercising your creativity has many therapeutical benefits. When you’re in the thick of anxiety or depression, weighed down by your thoughts, reach out for a pen, pencil, pottery wheel, instrument – anything – and lighten your load with a creative endeavor.

Creativity offers results of which you can be proud. When we set out to accomplish a task and see it through, we reclaim confidence in ourselves and our abilities that depression and anxiety has once robbed from us. There’s no shame putting your art on the refrigerator, so make some and find a magnet. Get creative, and be proud of what you accomplish.

Creativity helps cope with your inner demons by forcing you to slow down your mind. Many people, especially men, internalize their thoughts and feelings. We feed a monstrous whirlwind in our souls with hidden emotions and concealed reflections. Instead of waiting until that tornado spins out of control, let those thoughts and feelings out appropriately through artistic means. Write a poem or a story, paint the tornado of inner turmoil. Use creativity as a proper means of coping.

The mind is a muscle, and, like your bicep, needs exercise. Only, cranial exercise looks different. Stretching your mind with creative endeavors helps to enhance good mental habits. It starts to give you back control of your mind from the reins of depression and anxiety. So, get creative, and go to the mind-gym. Because the mind is a muscle, allow yourself the freedom to fail, and understand that it takes a bit of time to get in shape.

Focus on doing small creative tasks, or embrace a task in your everyday with an extra understanding of the creativity it requires. Often, we are creative without fully recognizing it. Creativity is inherent to humanity. Don’t suppress your natural creativity, but work out the muscle, cope with your inner demons, and let yourself be proud of your accomplishment. 

Practical challenge: spend ten minutes a day actively pursuing a creative endeavor. Ready…go.

How does creativity help you? Have a quick tip? Let me know in the comments below!


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