Featured Resource: The Art Of Manliness

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 9.34.32 AM.png

The Art Of Manliness self-proclaims that it is “a blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man.” It seems many men don’t know where to turn these days with expectations from every direction ringing in our ears.

“Man up…but don’t be a beef cake.”

“Be strong…but not too strong.”

While men are dizzy by the whirlwind of trying to keep up with cultural expectations, The Art Of Manliness offers a stable perspective of manhood. A study-full of articles, videos, and podcasts offer tips on everything from how to tie a tie to how to make new friends. Running since 2008, the website is rich with content that touches on just about anything. Definitely peruse through it to help navigate the art of manhood. 

Photo by Laura Gariglio on Unsplash


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