Quick Tip: Discover Your Spot

“We must thank God not only for putting us in the right place but also for uprooting us out from wrong places.”
― Jorge P. Guerrero

Among the bands of granola moms, homeschoolers with busted volume knobs, and aisles of dead author-memorabilia, I sit alone at a silver table peacefully tapping away on my laptop. Coffee steams on my right; East Of Eden brews on my left. Often, I set up camp here having etched my name into the seat by sheer repetitious nesting. This is where I go when I need to get away–the East Lansing Public Library–a public place of comfort. My spot.

Mental illness often acts as an anchor keeping us at bay in the comforts of our houses. The winds in our heads, having no place to turn, circulate mini tornados of anxiety while depression corrodes the shore and rots our foundation. Getting out becomes vital for survival although the prospect of leaving often overwhelms the mentally ill. We fear the whirlwinds of anxiety or the poison of depression will trail us wherever we go, and we figure we’d rather die at home than in some strange place. Discovering a spot–a public place of comfort–can ease such apprehensions and help find peace and freedom in the solace of somewhere else.

We are not meant for our houses; our houses are meant for us. And it’s good to have a place that is not your home but still has the comfort of home. Explore your city, town, or neighborhood to unravel the benefits of having a consoling go-to spot. Find a place you can think, read, journal, interact with others, or simply escape for a couple of hours and that can draw you out of yourself for a time. Perhaps you can thrive at a library or a park, or become a regular at a coffee shop or restaurant. Branch out of your isolation. Lift the anchor. Get up and get out. Wherever your “spot” is, it’s waiting to be discovered. 

Have a quick tip? Where is your spot? Comment below!

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash


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