1. How To Love Someone Without A Mental Illness


“Whether your direct support is a spouse or a close friend, here are a few things to keep in mind while trying to better love your support circle.”

2. FOMO: What It Is And What To Do


“In an age when selfies are totes being posted, tweeted, and snapped of BFF’s twerking at the club to which you were not invited, it’s easy to hear the anxiety echo in the empty chambers of your left out and lonely soul.”

3. 31U: Frank

pablo (47)

“Sometimes putting on your pants and facing the day is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud of just that.”

4. I Wish I Stayed In Touch With My Friends


“It’s never been easier to be so connected and still so lonely.”

5. Stop Reading About Mental Health; You’re Fat Enough

pablo (61)

 “Just like physical health, mental health requires intake as well as output. Failing to balance these when it comes to mental health leads to a myriad of health issues including increased anxiety, depression, laziness, hypocrisy–and the list goes on.”

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