Featured Resource: Dad Of Divas

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I forgot quarters. I always forget those stupid little Washington coins that only ever come in handy when I need to feed a parking meter. I don’t know if I should be more mad at myself for forgetting or at the city. One would think that Michigan’s capital could catch up with the times and employ a credit card system for downtown meters, but it’s obviously not a priority.

Change-poor and desperate, I rolled along Washington Square Avenue in my car like a mobile panhandler hunting for the time scraps of a hypothetical swanky capitalist who paid too much and parked too little. It paid off; I scored a spot with thirteen minutes left on the meter. Perfect, I thought, enough time to get more quarters. I parked, got out of my car, and walked to the New Daily Bagel to find the sage behind the blog, Dad Of Divas, waiting for me at the entrance with a warm smile.

Blogging since 2007, Christopher Lewis dad-blogged before dad-blogging was even a thing. He paved the way for noobs like me. His website, Dad Of Divas, chronicles his own experience as a father of two girls, offers resources to fellow dads, reviews products relevant to the paternal breed, and highlights other fathers’ stories through his highly-trafficked series called “Dads In The Limelight.” Considering all he has done, it was an honor that he took the time to have lunch with me and share a slice of his wisdom. I know that he’s a busy guy.

Lewis works full-time in college admissions, full-time as a dad, full-time as a blogger, and even full-time as a podcaster. I don’t know how he does it. Not only is he stretched flat, but he actually excels in every area in which he invests.

So, when you find the time, Dad Of Divas is an online resource you should certainly check out. And, please, Chris, take all of my quarters; buy yourself an extra hour in the day.

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