How To Have Effective Conversations

This is an article featured on Here is an excerpt:

People talk too much. Maybe it’s just the claim of a typical introvert, but, then again, maybe not. For example, I’ve always had a babyface, and those with a babyface don’t realize they have a babyface until some old lady says, “You have a babyface, deary. Are you 12?” “You, my ancient friend, have the face of a mummy. Are you dead?” That is, of course, how I want to reply but never do. I have the social awareness to keep some thoughts to myself.

In this world, everyone likes to be heard, but few seem to stop talking long enough to listen. More often than not, as soon as someone starts to speak, we are guilty of spending our internal energy on mustering up something awesome to say in response. Active listening is a lost art to the excessive barking of Dodo birds…



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