Featured Resource: Find A Therapist


I had a thousand reasons why I didn’t think I should go to counseling. When I finally did go, I realized that all thousand were merely feeble excuses unable to stand against my need to see a professional. 

You can no longer use not knowing where to find a therapist as an excuse for not going. The mental health kingpin, Psychology Today provides a stellar online system for locating a caring and relevant professional near you. Search the database by zip code, and, if you’d like, narrow the results by insurance, specific issue, sexuality, faith, gender or more. Links to the professional’s websites, email addresses, and phone numbers are readily available for when you find someone who appeals to you and want to make the contact.

Though Psychology Today‘s therapist database is no magic Sorting Hat, it does provide helpful direction for a population of whom many are prone to immobilizing anxiety. And while regularly seeing a counselor, psychologist, or therapist is not always easy, thanks to Psychology Today, finding one is. 

Have a resource you’d like to see featured? Contact me about it, and let’s do it!



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